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9-Salon Tipo D_GR3.jpg

1 bedroom flat: 65.67m² interior + 20.01m² terrace

From 264 500

2 bedroom flat: 99.95m² interior + 19.08m² terrace

From 333 800 €

Flat ¨Type Penthouse¨ with 1 bedroom: 65.67m² interior + 90.02m² terrace (of which 69.74m² solarium)

From 313 950

Flat ¨Type Penthouse¨ with 2 bedrooms: 99.95m² interior + 126.68m² terrace (of which 107.82m² solarium)

From de 497 700€

15-cam atico_GR3.jpg
1-Cam piscina 1 GR3.jpg

The pool extends no less than 25 metres and will be partially heated.

Parking space and closed storage room included in the purchase price.

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